Personal Published Writing

Professional and freelance samples may be shared upon request.

Adanna Literary Journal

This is America
An exploration of parenting in times of crises and how the current pandemic, with its consequential solitude, anxiety, and reflection, shapes and informs memories of my own mother within the American cultural context. Appeared in Fall 2020 print issue.

The Atlantic

How My Autistic Son Got Lost in the Public School System
An essay about the challenges of having a child with Asperger Syndrome mainstreamed within public school.

Watching My Diehard Football Fandom Turn to Dread
Observations on a brutal hit New England Patriots’ Running Back Stevan Ridley took in an AFC Championship game and the general culture of today’s National Football League.

Brain, Child

What Do You Do?
With friends’ and neighbors’ children graduating this year and seeking advice, reflections on what I’ve learned over the last 25 years and what I wish I’d known when I was their age about careers, success, and self-discovery.

Literary Mama

The Polarization of Parenting in Corporate America
An essay inspired by the recent trend among American technology companies to ban telecommuting and flexible schedules for their employees.


Writing Lessons
My submission selected for the Ploughshares Writing Lessons blog.

The Shriver Report

Homeschooling: The Benefits for My Son, and the Added Responsibilities for Me
A requested contribution by this nonprofit periodical on the state of women in American culture.

Thought Catalog

Surviving My First Writers’ Conference: Three Lessons
A short humor piece describing minor mishaps I experienced while attending my first writers’ conference.

The Washington Post

Autism in the Shadows
My reaction to an episode of the Katie Couric Show that was partially devoted to those living with autism. This piece has been reprinted in newspapers around the country.


An essay exploring death and transitioning consciousness that appeared in the Spring 2018 print issue.

Women Writers, Women’s Books

Truth in Fiction
My contribution to this popular website for writers.

The Writer’s Chronicle

An Imitation Game: Artistic Interpretations, Assumptions, and Expectations in Creative Nonfiction
An academic examination of the creative nonfiction genre through the multiple artistic adaptations of Alan Turing’s life and work; forthcoming in February 2021.

The Writer Magazine

Taking The Train
My Off the Cuff column for the June 2013 issue. (Online archive only available to subscribers.)

The Buzz Newspapers

Passions and Possibilities Being Nurtured at a Local Farm
A human interest story published in May 2013 describing the positive experience 4-H Clubs offer teens and young adults.