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Like so many of you, I’m thrilled to welcome a new year for myriad reasons, but I’m especially grateful to be starting it with some spring publication acceptances!

An academic piece that explores how the literary community defines creative nonfiction and whether we should reconsider our ideas about this relatively new genre appears in the February 2021 issue of The Writer’s Chronicle .

Also in the spring of 2021, my essay titled “Fish Bowl” will appear in Watershed Review—a journal I have admired for some time. This summer, a work of literary criticism will be published in Coffin Bell Journal.

On the work-in-progress front, I am beginning to assemble a collection of essays that I hope will be ready for submission by the end of 2021. The common thread among these works is what I call the “invisible fringe,” a term for those who appear to be part of mainstream culture but in reality are not accepted into the traditional social groups that comprise it.

Ideas for new academic nonfiction projects abound! I recently made the decision to pursue my interest in historical research and  archival work full-time and leave my corporate communications career behind, save for a few freelance projects here and there. This has its challenges of course, but I’m relishing the process. I’m spending much of my time immersed in scholarly research and writing, working on pre-site research for a local museum, polishing my teaching skills, and learning something new every day.